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Capturing and maintaining market share is one of the most important objectives of any business. With ever increasing competition, such tasks often prove to be both difficult and expensive. In order to maximize its visibility, a business must invest in promotional tools that have the greatest effect on the public for each dollar spent. Brighter Marketing Tools has recognized this and has focused its efforts on developing cost effective promotional tools that deliver maximum impact on current and potential clients and customers.

My name is Jason Howard and I am the General Manager of Brighter Marketing Tools. Our company specializes in customizing LED key chain flashlights so that they bear slogans, logos, and other relevant information. Your company will benefit from the use of our LED key chains because they utilize the two most powerful methods of promotion: word of mouth advertising and repetition.

These LED key chains possess a unique design and incredible luminosity. Consequently, they are known for their ability to initiate discussion around their functioning as well as the goods and services of the company whose logo they bare. The claims made in such discussions are perceived to come from a credible source and therefore, are believable.
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This is what makes word of mouth advertising so valuable. When attached to regularly used keys, our LED key chains will repeatedly remind potential and existing customers of your business. This repetitious reminder will increase the likelihood that these people will buy the products and services of your business, rather than those of the competition.

Traditional promotional items, such as pens and clothing, typically have a very limited life or are not valued or made use of following their distribution. Hence, these promotional items are often ineffective and therefore, expensive. An effective promotional item is one that has a life of longevity, and is valued, made use of, and talked about. These are precisely the characteristics that our LED key chains possess. Some of the technical characteristics of these LED key chains are as follows:

  • Intensely bright, pure white LED (visible from over 1.5 km away)
  • High durability LED bulb with a life of approximately 100,000 hours
  • Dual function on/off switch and squeeze button
  • Replaceable lithium-ion batteries (12-hour life)
  • Full color, photo-quality label printing
  • Hard, plastic label coating
When used for a couple of minutes every day, the batteries 12-hour life can be spread across a time period of two years. When the cost of one unit is distributed over this time period, the cost to advertise to one individual becomes extremely low. If a customer decides to replace the batteries in his or her LED key chain, your advertising will continue at no extra cost to your company. Additionally, the lithium batteries 10 year self-life will preserve the value of your inventory of these goods over time.

Our company strives to make its operations as efficient as possible, which means that you and your company can enjoy our products' low pricing structure. You will also be happy to know that we do not charge any setup fees. Our pricing structure is outlined below.

  • 25 50 units: $2.25/unit
  • 51 100 units: $2.20/unit
  • 101 250 units: $2.15/unit
  • 251 500 units: $2.05/unit
  • 501+ units: $1.99/unit
* All prices are stated in Canadian dollars
If you are interested in purchasing some of these LED key chains or require more information or samples, please contact me via telephone, mail, or email using the information on the "Contact Us" page. We look forward to becoming an integral part of your strong marketing campaign.

Jason Howard
General Manager, Brighter Marketing Tools

P.S. Please keep in mind that as alternatives to giving these LED key chains away, you may find it in your best interest to subsidize them or sell them for a profit or at cost.